ViaSat 2 Beam Maps East Tn

ViaSat 2 Small Beams maps East Tennessee

You won’t see these maps anywhere else.    

Below are the Small beam maps for Tennessee with more detailed East Tennessee maps.

      The ViaSat 2 Small beams are the only locations you can now get the 100MBPS internet download speeds you want . This is NOT dependent on whether you have a cable wire running by your home. The service is through the new Satellite that just became available Spring 2018. We can put this service just about anywhere in the small beams areas surrounded by the blue perimeters.

   Due to the much higher angle in the South sky , the signal travels through a LOT less atmosphere and is nearly impervious to rain or storm fade. The higher angle makes service available to a huge group that previously have been told they cannot get service due to some obstruction.

    So if your inside the blue perimeter, we should be able to get you some really blazing fast internet.!

    Right now the installation is free (reg $200) but as the beams fill up (large beams are already full) the first perk to go is the free install. That makes this the best time to  call us for your ViaSat 2 100MBPS internet service.

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