ViaSat2 or ViaSat 2


     A1 Novelties and Electronics is both an installing dealer (SID) and a Sales Only dealer (SO) for ViaSat 

     Important update 7-19! Due to the manner in which ViaSat handled the East Tn market since VS2 was activated, A1 Novelties & Electronics no longer supports ViaSat sales or installations.

East Tennessee Beam Maps

    You may have came across a few signs in our more rural areas. The one at the left is one of our rural signs.

   We also utilize

  • Word of mouth
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Craigslist
  • American Classifieds
  • School Coupon books
  • Future Facebook, twitter and other social media 

Unlimited Internet and TV

 Unlimited internet and TV?..yep you seen it correctly.

That’s a ‘large’ statement…so how does it work?

 Lets start with the internet part of that statement ?

   As most know already, most of the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) want to limit either the amount (data cap) or speed (throttling) of your data or both . The internet neutrality act that made all ISP’s operate more fairly like a utility has now been repealed….so even though ISP’s still have to operate under the law , it is now going to continually get worse until a new law is put in place. The ISP’s have a huge lobbying budget just to get what they want, and they eventually will.

   You can clearly see in the internet news that the cable/telecoms are spending money like its going out of style to purchase everything they can simply for control which translates eventually to your cost for their services…and the ‘control’ is they are now able to throttle your internet simply if they don’t like that you are buying your media from someone other than them. Those cable and telecom giants REALLY like being able to make you buy their overpriced bundles.

All that stated…

   Does it make sense that if you are wanting to save money by just getting internet and use a streaming box to watch your media that you get your internet from one of those companies….the ones that will happily slow your internet to a crawl so all your movies and tv shows buffer.

Of course not… 

Is there an Internet Provider that has no ‘dog in the fight’ when it comes to throttling

    Fortunately there is, and that ISP has just activated the NEW Viasat system (Spring 2018) which can deliver 100MBS of lightning fast internet that is not throttled cuz they don’t have a list of overpriced TV media bundles to sell you. 

     Actually, they do not care what you want to do or whose media you want to watch with your data and are only interested in making sure you get the access you need and pay for. 

    Prices range from $49/mo to $150/mo . You can use whatever Roku, Kodi or Firestick you want to use and know that your Data will never be throttled cuz you didn’t buy that TV package from ViaSat

   How much data do you REALLY need click here to estimate.

    Other talking points are that since this is a Satellite based system, and the new bird (what we call the Satellite) is almost directly South (at about 45deg angle) we can now get you internet service in areas that have failed the line of sight surveys before.

    Where is South….that’s really easy…

    take your left arm and point to where the sun comes up…Take your right arm and point to where it sets…  YOUR LOOKING DIRECTLY SOUTH.

   Now while looking directly South, tip you head up about halfway between straight up and straight out(level)…THATS ABOUT 45 DEGREES. 

   If you get a clear view of the sky doing this from somewhere less than 75′ from your house (or from a point on it)….we can get you Really fast internet….and what’s more the installation is free (at least for now)

    Hurry though , when ViaSat opened the beams in the spring, it only took 90 days for them to fill them all.

East Tennessee Beam Maps

    ViaSat is very different from other well known Satellite ISP’s that happily squeeze thousands more subscribers into an already well overloaded system (Name begins with H) leaving the service near useless.  ViaSat only allows a limited number of subscribers on the system  to keep it usable by all the subscribers. ViatSat and ‘the competitor’ utilize two completely different business models. You will hear what its like on the competitors service from the many unfortunate subscribers that signed up with them.(yeah, the ole word of mouth bites)

 The first ViaSat crashed shortly after launch about 2 years ago. 

    Tens of thousands were anxious to get on the new system and in short order,  the large beams filled up and had to be closed to new subscribers in only 3 months

    Fortunately we still have the small beams and you can see a map of that area Click HERE for ViaSat 2 beam maps

    The Exede satellite system is full and the only areas we can install is inside the small beams area , or you can always call the one that begins with  “H….” but be assured , you will feel like you just pulled onto the Atlanta 285 ‘Racetrack” during rush hour..

    Everything stuck at a crawl…yep, thats what the competition is like ….verified by the statement its the most popular satellite service in the US…Wonder how that works…?

Click here to learn about Unlimited TV


As of 7-19, A1 Novelties & Electronics no longer Sells nor supports ViaSat and Exede Satellite systems.

     Quite frankly , since ViaSat2 East Tn and Western NC beam had problems on deployment , the price structure has always been too high for so little performance.
     Although the engineers attempted to fix it , the pricing structure reflects ViaSat service as a one you only sign up for IF it is all there is available.

There >are< much better alternatives available

….that do not require a permanent service installation, are not affected by weather (uplink nor downlink) and are TRUELY UNLIMITED, never throttled, requires NO contract, NO credit Check, available in many more locations than Satellite and can be taken with you if you move (great for renters, RV and vacations)

    All that …and low latency that GAMERS LOVE!

REAL WORLD Performance that NO Satellite system can compare to.

Full details coming soon!!

Bookmark and check back…we should have details up by early to mid August

This is sure to be the best internet alternative out there especially for Rural America…and  it supports Unlimited FREE TV as well!

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