• Tier 1  Standard Internet 200 Mbps
  • Tier 2 Spectrum Internet Ultra 400 Mbps
  • Tier 3 Spectrum Internet  Gig up to 940 Mbps    

       Add $25/mo for the 400                and  $60/mo for the Gig?

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    Charter is in the process of rolling out their Mobile phone service on the Verizon towers that they held some options on . Prices look to be $45/line and $14/Gig unlimited

    Speeds should be whatever Verizon can muster in any given location,  but Verizon has an excellent footprint in this area.

What, you say, is the speed?

Charter …well actually the new ‘Space Name’ is Spectrum…has supposedly several tiers of wire-based home internet

Here are a few of the Tiers

$44.95/mo ($64.99-$20 internet promotion code) 

+5.00/mo for their ‘fast wifi router’

 =$49.95/mo ….plus taxes, fees and anything else they can pull out of the hat called ‘one time charges’

Bear in mind that this is a promotional offer with length not defined on the company website so I would expect the next month will come in around $64.99 plus, taxes, fees, 911 etc. Heck, even the gov dips in with a few dollars for some sort of fee every month.


Extremely Important!

    Cable is cable.. one ‘piple line’ running through the covered area with everyone ‘tapped in’…Yep Some remember those old ‘Party line’ of yesteryear..Not that you don’t have privacy as it was then, Its more like driving your car through the country, and then pulling out on a freeway . You can still move along really fast…but around RUSH HOUR… not a chance.

    Now if you think cable RUSH HOUR is from 4:30 to 6:00, think again ..

Its more like 5PM to after midnight…..when most people are home and want to watch tv , game, or watch a movie….hence the rush hour.



In Reality

    Just when YOU are fixing to get on the internet or watch  movie….guess how many OTHER people are climbing aboard…? Yep.. a LOT.!

here’s how that works.. 

    I have the 200 MBPS charter service… Early in the morning  I can see 150+ MBPS speeds…fairly consistently…But later in day, it quickly drops to 75-80 mbps. Around 5PM, it declines quickly to 25-35 and around 7pm to midnight (see image at end of column) most speedtests register only 18-20 and I have seen them as low as 8 or 9.

    That’s on 200MBPS. Is that 200MBPS , you tell me..

    Now you can pay for more speed and I would say you would get a little faster results….but not with the number of people using the line. 

    This was what the Net Neutrality act was in place to prevent, but was repealed by our ‘lobbying lovin’ Congress who as-usual listens to the ‘Big Bucks’.. 

    Its in the current law that they are supposed to report to Congress when they fall short of their  service goals…but its more like the Fox’watching the henhouse’

Sadly…its simply ‘Money talks’ and BS walks… The good ole ‘American way’. ..at least for the corporates.

The speed ‘carrot’ is dangled in front of those have more to give….whether or not they get what they pay for or perhaps not…Sure helps those ‘bottom lines’

Here is proof!

   The above is a screenshot taken at 10:45 on 11-11-18 from my laptop. (IP removed) 

   It’s clear to see that the connection ping was 29 which is great and indicates  no problem with the signal etc…but for a ‘200’ mbps service, who is pulling whose leg? 11.54 MBPS…come’on Spectrum, is that the best you can do??

    This also reminds me of a point AT&T brought up in Tech school. Even though AT&T is hard pressed to get you over 25 meg (on non fiber to premise lines) When you pay for 25 MBPS, you get exactly that,right when you need it…..but….25 mbps is ALL you will see.


  All in all, Charter/Spectrum are one of the more’button up’ organizations and genuinely offer a decent product. They will roll a truck in a timely manner but be sure you are happy with the repair(fixed) before the tech leaves.


    Rarely does the customer service terms get born out as it really should and if you shut the service down, be absolutely sure you get the equipment across the counter quickly or there will be more full months billing added to account simply because there is ‘equipment on the account’.


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