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It all started around the Sunday ticket

 Your Author was at the debut of the first DSS satellite system ever at the Chicago Electronics Show in 1993. 

    We knew it would go places especially due to its much smaller size than the c-band dishes popular at the time.

    Seems like I’ve installed DirecTV forever…

    Having worked for several contractors since mid 90’s , I’ve installed a load of them. Everything from the old small dishs to the latest and greatest that gets all the satellites and HD. Latest wiring system is the SWM or ‘swim’ as it is affectionately pronounced.

    In last few years, your author just marketed their service and let the younger guys do  the install honors.

    A note…your author was installing DTV when AT&T bought ’em. 

   Several neat things about the DTV SWM system is the multi receiver DVR , the micro receivers (wireless versions too). crystal clear HD  service and don’t ever forget the fabulous ‘Sunday Ticket’

     But sadly, all good things will eventually come to an end. AT&T just announced today that they will eventually shut down DirecTV and U-Verse becoming  basically just an ISP (internet service provider, what they really are) and just send people a stream box and home they buy the DirecTV Now programming.

Read more about this HUGE move on AT&T’s horizon.

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