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Con cast

    I’ve worked for Comcast several times under several contractors and I’m not going to sugar coat this. 

    Comcast was probably one of the worse companies I worked for. Management pretty much had their head up their kazoo and was so disconnected from their worker base as well as had no clue how to lead the large work work they employed. 

    Many of the installers were not much better and cannibalized most installs they would go on. I’ve never seen such lousy wire work on customer premises than with Comcast customers.

    In the early 90’s the new ‘internet system’ that was being built took a horribly long time to get working as no one seemed to know how to get it to work from top to bottom… but somehow they did. 

    After 2000 , it only got worse especially for how most of their subscribers felt. Comcast Customer service (and repair) had earned the most hated company title  and continued to hold it for years. 

    Somehow Comcast had technology connections and managed to implement the Xfinity system which worked fairly well . 

    The CEO was on national TV stating how they were going to improve their horrible ratings . I never seen any evidence they have…but things change sometimes. Let’s hope for the better.

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