Sully’s ISP review

Sully’s Down -n- dirty ISP review

  Seems like I’ve worked for the Cable/Telecom’s a majority of my years on this planet. I’ve seen firsthand how these conglomerates operate, what they offer, what is actually received and how they treat customer service. The latter years I’ve been face to face with most of the ones who for whatever reason (and there are many) chose to leave or change ISP’s. 

    This places me in a very unique position to actually find out what are the REAL reasons the service did not work out. 

    I could tell you some really nasty things about some of these ISP’s, but I’m more concerned that you get enough info to make an educated decision on who you want as your ISP going forward…..welcome to my Rant.

You’ll see my brief statements below about each ISP

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   The Fastest Rural Satellite Internet service period!

100 MBPS download speeds and they don’t ‘throttle’ you cuz they aren’t buying your tv media from them! Very Important! We can get you installed free in only a few days.

One of the best values in reliable rural internet with a great track record!

These systems blow away the Hughes Gen 5 @ 25mbps as they are never oversold like the Hughes system is.

    One of the most liked ISP’s in the East Tn area.

With Docsis 3.0 rolled out, Internet speeds are beginning to shape up finally. Very limited fiber to premise available. They have a new app for OTT but refuse to activate it unless you have a TV bundle.

Great internet service, pricing and a company that ‘tries harder’  to keep you happy. 

Has some fiber-to-premise areas Takes care of the Hall’s and Farragut areas

THE most hated ISP in the US

This comes from the subscribers themselves….but hey, if you can get around their ‘crooked pencil’, you can get a fast internet here.

AT&T will own the largest fiber and 5G system in the US…and that eventually includes rural.

But right now their typical internet averages maybe 25 MBPS…and is a bit pricey…but with the way their system is designed . you WILL get exactly (not up to) the data speed they promise!


Another company that really takes care of their cable system.

…during the time I worked with Wow, I observed much better materials being used and quality home installs. prices are fair.

    I know when I worked for AT&T installing U-verse, AT&T didn’t want the Power companies to sell internet services and fought it hand, tooth and toenail….wonder why? Maybe because they can offer blazing fast internet at about half the price of other systems…you decide.

    Companies been around a while…can’t provide much speed, slow to fix the towers and even have told subscribers they were taken over by the FBI..whatever that means?

    Sprint has some great pricing and sometimes better that the top 4 but not a real strong network… Depends on if you live somewhere in a reasonable distance of a tower of whether this service is for you. Find out where that tower is before making a decision .

    The coverage map is somewhat misrepresented in comparison to Verizon but if you live close enough to a tower to get at least 3 bars indoors, the International Unlimited Hotspot is a fantastic way to get Unlimited Data for streaming.

    Mediocre customer service, no breaks on the plans, Unscrupulous Authorized dealers that will treat you like a red-headed step child when your past their period of responsibility…but IMO, has probably the best coverage footprint in East tn….Can you Hear me now?

    Anywhere and everywhere service…not hardly…really not even close..Lackluster pricing and ‘sort of’ ok customer service places this ISP in the ‘handle with gloves ‘ category..You can get your contract cancelled if you use too much data… How archaic  is that?

    A company that most subscribers loved and hated to lose if times become difficult, Everyone knew who they were and there service was better than average but for some reason they wanted a new ‘Space Name’ .Somewhat overpriced for the Tv content but has a great internet that they seem to be improving regularly under new ‘Spectrum’ name.

    A company that will ‘try anything once’ ,never ceasing to amaze .  in a volatile market,they’re like a ‘cat thrown off the roof’, landing always on its feet and slinging gravel in an entirely new direction. Keep a close eye on AT&T as they have fiber running all through the rural areas and are fixing to roll out a whole new level and 5G may have quite a lot to do with it.

    As much as Dish (really Charlie Ergen) wished, DirectTV had the most functional satellite system and with the advent of the Swm “or swim” iinstall system has the most innovative components. The new larger dish cuts rain fade to a minimum as long as the installer did what he was supposed to do in mounting…but DTV is not an ISP, they used AT&T mostly.

    Certainly winning whatever awards there were for worse cable company and customer service , Most subscribers absolutely hated the company so IMO, the company earned that opinion honestly. BUT, the Xfinity system is somewhat innovative and the internet is getting a bit better on a regular basis.

    Dish has been around for seems like forever, and in the very days was probably one of the most innovative satellite companies and certainly one of the lesser expensive ones. Dish played around with DishNet as an ISP but was ovepriced and lackluster in speed and quality of install. DishNet no longer exists, but Dish has some interesting skinny bundles .

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