Tv antennas, tips and installation

The outdoor antenna (or indoor if your within 10-15 miles of the tv towers) is the first thing you need to consider as a ‘Cord -Cutter’. 

    The reason for this is you really need access to the local news, a lot of tv shows, Most sports events and weather services. The Tv stations broadcast in mostly 1080P so you will get near perfect clarity on most of these channels. 

     We hope to do what Dish Network  is doing and that is to offer custom tv antenna installation. To hook these antennas up to one tv or two (sometimes) sets is fairly easy and the cable and materials is typically included in a modern antenna kit that includes the mini pole.

    The indoor antennas are a breeze and most anyone can install them.

    Where is gets more complicated is when you need more than one TV hooked up as it usually involves splitters,  proper cable end terminations, proper grounding and sometimes a distribution amplifier to provide enough signal to several sets. Sometimes additional coax cable wiring is needed.

    Later we should be offering custom and affordable tv antenna installing. Hopefully this spring. We may also entertain communication with well qualified Satellite dish installers as a dealer /contractor relationship .  This opportunity will look about the same as subcontractor work under a satellite contractor.



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