Who/what are ‘Cord Cutters’

Who are Cord Cutters,…
The list is very, very long

  Cord cutters can be anyone and everyone

…that includes your closest friends, workers…anyone….You may not know who they are as you walk by them or sit by them in a group, but we can safely say there are more and more of them saving considerable money every month rather than giving it to these Cable/Telecom corporate giants to pay their overpaid Shareholders and CEO’s the insane profits of yesteryear.

Average yearly savings are from a couple hundred to nearly $2000. 

    Some remember well the days of AT&T bullying people on phone service cuz they were the only ones that had the product. Customer service was non-existent and you would do anything to keep from losing your phone . AT&T knew that… and took maximum advantage of it…..until…. the people stood up and Judge Green busted up the monopoly….

    That in itself wasn’t enough,  but along came cell phones which were beginning to get affordable . Even though AT&T brags that they put all the ‘little bells ‘ back together, technology gave people the power  and independence they needed to kick AT&T to the curb .

…so now nearly everyone has a cell phone and AT&T knows what customer service and being nice means.

You see these companies really brought it on themselves

    If they had listened to Congress back around 2000, They would have done what Congress (the people) asked and gotten rid of the Cable Boxes and offered programs ‘Ala Carte’. AT&T had the capability already, but their greedy shareholders, as well as the cable shareholders turned a deaf ear and continued to hike profits on those insane overpriced bundles.. Everybody knows that the only way to get the shows you want (even if it were only a few) was to pay for several tiers.

    Prices continued to climb and people continued to shell out…..well, until Streamboxes came along. 

    Enter Netflix, and a few other streaming movie services. 

    Kodi’s, Roku’s , Firesticks etc came along, their existence made known by social media .  People discovered that there also exists a world of Digital TV broadcasting and with the advent of the new Flat Screen TV’s, most local TV stations broadcast in 1080P….

    All one needed was 

  • a mediocre antenna
  • fast internet
  • stream box

, and quickly found there was a world of media available in HD just waiting to be watched. This included tens of thousands of TV shows, Millions of movies and  most every Sports event on the planet. One can even watch Zillions of videos on YouTube and surf the web on your bigscreen…..so 

Who wants to pay these outrageous prices for Cable/Telecom Bundles/tiers

…..when they can get a LOT more for a LOT less needing only a fast internet and a media box.

….so…. we now have a generic group of people we call “cord cutters” saving many times enough money to offset their utility bill each and every month.

….Just so you know….

    The Cable/Telecoms hated it, but the people have had their say costing approx a million  subscriber losses 

every quarter to their ‘bottom line’,   Why? Because the people spoke….in a way they had to listen.

    The Cable/Telecoms have also determined that if they are to survive, they MUST change for the better , get rid of the cable boxes , meager bundle/tier offerings and get an App up in the public arena offering competitive value and pricing.

     THIS is why you see every Telecom/Cable company offering their programming thru the Apps so they can at least get a ‘finger’ in the til whereas before they had both hands in it.


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