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Are you sure that area has coverage?

    T-Mobile is a great value…heck, I even have T-Mobile service ..For a looong time before I had Verizon. However Verizon kept going up and well, the old Note 5 was simply showing its age.. Verizon did not have a good unlimited plan..so New phones (Yep, another 2 year stint) , your author nailed the BOGO deal but T-Mobile had a thing called an “international hotspot” 

For $20/phone more per month for that service ($150 ttl/mo) I could stream ANYthing I wanted and NEVER hit the slow down wall . The footprint maps looked almost identical to Verizon (which is considered excellent coverage in this area)

Ok..your author sprung for it… The streaming aspect is OK considering there was only  2 bars inside residence (a sort-of solution I will discuss later).


Dont’cha just love that little word….


…  That footprint map is actually not very accurate!. I Use the phone heavily in business and was getting maybe 70% the coverage I was getting before. 

:::::::::NOT HAPPY:::::::

    well ,  lesson learned -don’t believe those maps. 

    They are influenced considerably by a large company that would like to sell you service…and always fudge in their favor.!