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Here is where we get ‘down’-n-‘ dirty 

Sully’s ISP review

 What follows is a really ‘down to earth’ condensed review (Pro and Con) of all the various internet delivery methods, Brand of the ISP and whether this service is available in the East Tennessee area.

    Yep, I get to  talk about all of ’em having worked for most of them in one form or another over the years.

   What this means to you is you will have enough info in one place to make your decision of which ISP you really want/need.

Sully’s ISP review

Maybe you have seen one of our signs

   Not all Internet providers (ISP) offer an equal product and here are the important points

  • Is it fast (both down and up )  speeds are very important now!
  • What is the typical advertised price and what is included.
  • What is true cost , is there a contract period and will the price change.(ie more data)
  • Is there a data limit
  • Does the ISP ‘throttle’ the service and if so, when?
  • Do they fix it if its broken?(ie warranty or service truck roll ,who bears that cost and how easy is it to get service)

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A few other Great Internet providers

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T-Mobile has a little known unlimited data over hotspot option but a mediocre footprint in the East Tn area…Will the Unlimited Data option work for you?..That may depend if your sitting near a tower or not.

Verizon prides themselves in the ‘footprint’ of their coverage in the East tn area

Can you hear me now?

however data is a bit expensive…is it ‘worth it’…

click the verizon logo for more info.

Sprint has an unlimited Data plan for 5 lines but is very limited in speed and size of screen ability…and has a plan if you bring your own tablet.

Lots of limitations. Click logo , find out more.

US   Cellular has an unlimited plan , well 30GB seems limited to me and not considered inexpensive either 

$15/mo.for 2GB$25/mo.for 4GB$40/mo.for 10GB$90/mo.for 30GB

Unlimited what exactly?

–their best plan–

8 Mbps Download
2 Mbps Upload


….right off their website

click logo -find out more

Electric Power Board (in this instance-Chattanooga TN). This is a  very interesting system that has quietly been running fiber everywhere within its turf. More info to come on this but as it stands , is the fastest system available to the public and at very reasonable rates.


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