Probably the most well known economical media player . 

    I call this the ‘VW Bug’ of media players.. It will stream , and do that well but is somewhat sluggish when clicking around . Its simple, and has a decent interface and is reason why its popular. ….oh and usually fairly cheap….. but remember the old adage  “you get what you pay for”.


    We do not carry these at this time, however you can find these on places like CraigsList.. 

    What people state about these players are that they work fair for a little while…but you start losing apps and over a few months may not have many left. This of course can be fixed by the person you buy it from if he is still programming them …but you have to either ship it to or take it directly and pay them to install a new build . Typically the build is one that was great but not well supported and the programmer has to install a different build…meaning you will have to get used to a complete new look and feel .

    Any of our media players can be user updated for free. If someone does not feel comfortable doing this, we offer a simple $25 update or restore even if you wipe out the whole Kodi program.

    The box must be shipped to us prepaid and the $25 will get it reprogrammed with the latest and greatest build and shipped back to you prepaid.


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