About A1 Novelties and Electronics

Started in 2009 as a placeholder for future business opportunities including ebay marketing.

    Having a great history of Car Audio and Speaker Design , Installation, Engineering and Manufacture in the 90’s and

ebay Gold Power Seller for 2 years gave way to AT&T Uverse , Directv and Exede Internet fulfillment for several years. Eventually an Excede and Vivint dealership was born with the Vivint becoming a placeholder.

Numerous Exede Satellite Internet systems (fastest at the time) were installed in East Tennessee and programming Kodi TV media players began. The owner having been retention tech for 3 different cable companies noticed that in approx 2015, the cable and Telecom companies were beginning to charge much higher prices ,making subscribers buy

several tiers of service just to get the few favorite shows they wanted…yep …the proverbial ‘dangled carrot’.

Technology was ‘stuck in a rut’

    Although around 2000 Congress wanted these companies to offer programming ‘ala carte’ , AT&T was the only one capable of doing so. But none of them wanted to give up the insane profits

these tiered bundles were providing for their CEO’s and Shareholders. Although they COULD have made changes to accommodate ala carte, they had no motivation to do so.

Internet quality and speeds were about the same , stale offerings and simply raising prices for nothing new.

Then along came Netfix ,Kodi ,Roku, Firestick and Streaming

    In this  geographical area, around 2014-15 you could ask anyone if they had ever heard of streaming, finding maybe 1% that had heard of it.


Netflix and streaming had already been born….and was gaining LOTS of momentum.

People started talking on social media, and a loose national organization called ‘Cord Cutters’ began to appear. People knew there was a better way, wanted better technology/selection and control of their purchased programming and fact is ….They were tired….Sick and tired…of the way they were being overpriced and underserved ….

…..by these ‘fat cat’ conglomerates giving little to no choices or alternatives. So they ‘communicated’ and companies like Netflix (and a few others ) listened. The populace then discovered that they need only put up an outside antenna (within 40-50 miles of a big city) and get numerous (usually 5-40+) fully digital , crystal clear (most in 1080P) public channels for watching most anything they wanted locally.

Along came OTT—the little ‘box’

    Millions discovered out they could plug up a little box and get hundreds , and later…Thousands of their favorite TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and Movies for very little or no money….simply streaming it legally from the internet. Well , what do you think people told the way overpriced and limited offering cable/telecom companies to do .? I can quote it exactly, but I don’t want to get vulgar here.

Lets just say if you have subscribed to a few Rssi feeds like Fierce Cable, Fierce Telecom, Fierce Wireless etc, you would see that in the last several years that cable /teleco subscription has decreased from 500, 000 to over a million subscribers per quarter (4 Mill per year) dropping off the subscriber lists of these companies completely , many times that number downgrading to just internet.

Why?…Well its really a No-Brainer

At first the cable/telecoms just sat back as said “they’ll be back,you’ll see”…

.but quarter after quarter the downward spiral continued and began to eat at the ‘bottom line’. It took some longer than others , but a few decided if they still wanted a ‘finger in the til’ they had better do something fast. Meanwhile the media industry had already realized what was going on and where things were headed.

It’s called OTT for Over the Top

    Hulu, Amazon, others including AT&T (DirectvNow) were getting it together and building apps. The lists of apps continued to get longer every day growing explosively over the last several years. Of course the Cable/telecoms were still playing the ‘blame game’ and claiming that people were watching ‘free’ illegally even going so far as to hear it in court about 4 years ago.

    It was determined then (simple version), that as long as people (not business’) weren’t downloading nor retaining any part of the file, no copyright laws were being violated . That still stands.

    In essence , this was what the Kodi Box did and were selling like hotcakes. Later , the Roku and Firestickbecame popular as hundreds of media giants got their act (and apps) together and gave the people a far superior choice of programming for a LOT less money. Since the Roku and Firestick AppleTV are proprietary , you will have to subscribe to most of their services, but you get soooo much more than those cable/telecoms would ‘allow’ you.

    DirectvNow (AT&T’s offering) even started throwing in free Rokus if you would simply pay for one month of DTN service (went up to$40/mo)…and that business model is quickly catching on…..

But I’ll let you in on a little known fact…..

    There are MANY free TV/Movie/live tv and sports apps on Roku . The Firestick can be programmed with tons of apps that don’t require subscriptions but unfortunately is sort of like driving a Ford or Chevy when you can just as easily be driving a Ferrari ie ‘the KODI’.

What perxactly is a ‘Kodi’ Box?

    You see, the Kodi can play almost all the available Free stuff as well as let you subscribe to many of the ‘pay’ services through Google PlayStore. Kodi’s can also be hooked up to a huge TeraByte harddrive that you can keep all your paid DVD’s. tapes, Music and pictures on and offer those as an option from the main home screen. With a mini or standard size wireless keyboard, you can sit on your couch and surf anything you can on the web that you normally do on your PC. That includes shopping, YouTube, Ebay ….yep ALL of it!

Did someone say gaming?….

    Add your favorite gaming control and download tons of games from Google PlayStore..and

Picture albums anyone?

    Loads of gallery apps on Google PlayStore to organize any file source from usb thumbdrives , SD cards (slot provided) and add on HD drives . I could go on and on what a Kodi will do that the Roku and firestick cannot, but for now lets just say if you really want a ‘Ferrari’ media player that can run all the gadgets you can cram into a semi truck, then you may want to learn about Kodi’s. We program and service those as well. We are also a dealer for the…

NEW ViaSat2 Internet system that gets over 100MBS download speeds,

,as well as enough upload speed to support several of the latest 1080P 180 degree Security /home automation cameras (like Vivint doorbell cams) , has unlimited data and can be installed (free) most anywhere in the city or country costing less than what you have been giving the cable companies for years. Heck, this system doesn’t even throttle the download speeds like cable /telecoms companies do when they detect your watching something from a ‘competitor’.This new internet system doesn’t have a ‘dog in the fight’…itself offering NO media programming….so you won’t catch them throttling your internet . Internet like it was meant to be …pure, simple and fast.!

    The repeal of the ‘net neutrality’ law by Congress was lobbied heavily but the cable/telecoms, why?… so they can ‘control’ you if you are watching something without giving them those ‘insane’ profits.

    Sadly Congress ‘let the big bucks make the laws’….sorta like the old adage “the Fox watching the Henhouse’…and I’m certain if its not returned to some semblance of a net neutrality order, it will only get worse….But for now, there are alternatives that appear to be better choices than the ole’ stick in tha mud’ cable /telecoms matrix. We’ll cover those alternatives on this website and there are plenty of them.

    A1 Novelties and Electronics not only makes available the new ViaSat2 Internet system, but offers Kodi media players programmed with the latest eye popping builds that can easily be updated free by the user. In the event you wipe the box clean, we can easily restore it with the very latest and have a simple, inexpensive solution for that. Roku’s and firesticks may come later.

    At present, we offer Unlimited internet and TV for less as well as the most innovative Home Automation and Security systems available from the largest manufacturer in the US. We are also looking at starting a Digital TV antenna install service to add a bit of professionalism to that normally DIY market which makes us truly the ‘cord cutters friend’. We’ll post more on this soon.