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—Unlimited, Un-throttled, No Contract, No credit check internet

Available most anywhere for $79 to $99/month

You can easily take this system with you if you move or go on vacation and even works great for Gamers!! —Details coming soon, bookmark and check back soon

Exede Internet Authorized Dealer


Prior to the new ViaSat 2 satellite system , Exede (which is on ViaSat 1) was the fastest and most reliable satellite internet system available.

  • Was never over sold like the competitor Hughes system
  • When slots are available, covers areas not serviced by ViaSat 2
  • Speeds up to 30 Mbs

ViaSat2 Authorized Dealer

New Unlimited Data ViaSat 2 Satellite internet system. THE fastest system available for rural business and residential internet.

  • 100 Mbs (Faster than many cable systems)
  • NEVER throttle streaming content like other ISP’s do if you didn’t buy the content from them.

First ‘order of business for ‘Cord Cutters’ are either an outside digital antenna or and inside one (if it will work). 

  • Can use the cable wire system in your home to send to all tv’s
  • nearly free (only cost of materials and can be professionally installed)
  • Gets local news, free TV shows, sports
  • most in 1080P

StreamTech StreamBoxes

-also known as a Kodi box-

Gets most all free tv shows, sports,  movies 

  • Add most of your premium subscriptions services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc
  • Add unlimited variety of apps to get thousands of free TV shows, Movies, sports at zero monthly cost (requires internet)
  • Like driving a Ferrari of streaming boxes

A more economical version of the Ultra StreamTech Box


  • Exact same App build as Ultra getting all the same TV shows. movies. sports etc
  • Not as fast as Ultra in updates, menu selection and time to retrieve content.
  • More cost effective for extra bedrooms, kids-guest rooms, unused rooms etc.
  • Most likely does not have Bluetooth capability

Roku Streaming Boxes

Depending on model can be either a fast box or slower.


  • Most content must be subscribed to
  • Can add premium services like DirectvNow
  • Some have voice search
  • If offered or purchased from us will have many free content apps pre-installed
  • Gets lots more content value  than what most overpriced ISP’s offer in their expensive bundles

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