This site will be revamped soon, Unfortunately we are not going to be marketing any internet

services so please ignore any reference to internet sales.

This note was updated 11-19-2019

First ‘order of business for ‘Cord Cutters’ are either an outside digital antenna or and inside one (if it will work).

  • Can use the cable wire system in your home to send to all tv’s
  • nearly free (only cost of materials and can be professionally installed)
  • Gets local news, free TV shows, sports
  • most in 1080P

StreamTech StreamBoxes

-also known as a Kodi box-

Gets most all free tv shows, sports,  movies

  • Add most of your premium subscriptions services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc
  • Add unlimited variety of apps to get thousands of free TV shows, Movies, sports at zero monthly cost (requires internet)
  • Like driving a Ferrari of streaming boxes

A more economical version of the Ultra StreamTech Box

  • Exact same App build as Ultra getting all the same TV shows. movies. sports etc
  • Not as fast as Ultra in updates, menu selection and time to retrieve content.
  • More cost effective for extra bedrooms, kids-guest rooms, unused rooms etc.
  • Most likely does not have Bluetooth capability

Roku Streaming Boxes

Depending on model can be either a fast box or slower.

  • Most content must be subscribed to
  • Can add premium services like DirectvNow
  • Some have voice search
  • If offered or purchased from us will have many free content apps pre-installed
  • Gets lots more content value  than what most overpriced ISP’s offer in their expensive bundles

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